Hi! I’m Abby…

Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for the last 15 years. We had two baby boys, who are now teenagers. We also have 2 dogs, my princess, Rosey, a German Shepherd, and the boys dog, Nala (who is not my favorite). We have lived in a lot of different places while my husband served in the Army. We wound up in Virginia in 2010, where we have been ever since.

I stayed at home with my boys until they were school-aged. Once they were in school full-time, I got a job outside the home. I enjoyed developing skills and friends for a few years, but after a while, I made the move to start something completely different from anything I had done before-I jumped into a career in real estate head first.

I have been a full-time Realtor for the last 2 years and have learned so much. This type of career is one where you will learn something new every single day. I’m not sure if I had an expectation, prior to the big switch, but I quickly learned that despite common misconceptions, I have never worked as hard in my life as I have since I started as a real estate agent. It is anything but easy! For reals! I am learning to enjoy this career also, but it has been an adjustment.

I am hoping to use this blog, in part, to share cool places and things to do in my local area and also talk about some things that may help people who are looking to buy or sell a house in the future.

My husband and I have also recently started the Keto diet. I tried this a few months ago and hated everything about it. This time around, I have made an adjustment to my attitude and I have put a lot of effort into finding and making delicious dishes so that we didn’t feel like we were missing out too terribly! I have had tons of feedback about the recipes that I have posted, so I also want to use this blog to share those recipes and share about my Keto journey a little bit.

There are a few things in life that can almost always make me smile. Some of these include anything with glitter, driving in my jeep with the doors off, walking in the house and seeing my Rosey girl, hanging out with my family and friends and eating good food! Maybe I can slip a few of my favorite things into my blog also.

Thanks, again, for checking things out and I hope I am able to provide you something of value through my first attempt at a blog!